Hello, and thank you so much for visiting the Children's Band web site. I've put so much into these characters, including small pieces of my childhood. Ebenezer and Esmerelda share my love for books and knowledge. I gave Dezzi my passion for the arts. Tito has my physical energy. I was born blind, and, like Dudley, had to learn to overcome obstacles. All the children possess my respect for true friendship, generosity, and integrity. The kids in Children's Band are more than mini-Tiffanys. I developed them with a specific idea in mind: If we teach our children now about saving money, taking care of their bodies, and dealing with challenges, they will grow into adults who do the same. That is the ultimate goal of the Children's Band project, to give children the tools they need to grow into productive adults. If I can answer any questions for you about Children's Band or any of my other projects, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Many blessings, Tiffany Alexander

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